Our Dream Team Culture is inspired by Netflix’s Hiring Culture and is recommended reading for all applicants.

At ZetaChain, we strive to assemble a dream team—a collective where every member is outstanding in their role. Our culture is built on a foundation of valued behaviors that shape our our approach to work.

Proactiveness: We value team members who take initiative and anticipate needs. Proactive individuals drive our success by identifying opportunities, proposing solutions, and executing swiftly.

Judgment: Our decisions are informed by data and focused on long-term impact with consideration for our community’s trust.

Selflessness: We prioritize the well-being of ZetaChain over individual or team interests, valuing humility, open-mindedness, and collaborative spirit in idea-sharing and decision-making.

Inclusion: We actively build teams where varied backgrounds and perspectives are not only welcomed but are integral to our success.

Integrity: Transparency, candidness, and a high moral compass guide our actions.

Servant Leadership: We strive to keep the team lean and hierarchy flat. Managers’ role is to empower others and remove all obstacles in the way of great work.

Openness: Our culture of openness is deeply intertwined with our commitment to open-source software. We advocate for transparent & collaborative development and create an environment where everyone is welcome to contribute.

The guiding principle at ZetaChain is to maintain a team of highly capable individuals and provide them with ample growth and development opportunities. In cases where team members are unable to meet our high standards despite their managers continued support, we make the difficult decision to let them go, accompanied by a fair severance package. This ensures we maintain a highly effective team that consistently meets our expectations of excellence and professionalism.

At ZetaChain, we recognize that this environment of high standards and performance-driven success is not for everyone. It's ideal for those eager to embrace the growth and learning opportunities that our fast-paced environment offers.


ZetaChain is distinct in its culture as we:

By embodying these principles we excel, innovate, and lead in the crypto industry.